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IT Headhunting


Sectorea offers you a comprehensive IT Recruitment service with expertise in every technology stack and levels. With the experience gained from selecting over 150K candidates globally.

We help you save time and resources with our service. Our team of professionals conducts talent selection and pre-screening using Artificial Intelligence tools. We implement Talent Mapping to find the skills your project needs. In this way, we streamline the selection process, ensuring record time in hiring.

We are experts in assessing technical skills and ensuring a good fit for your team through code quality tests and validation of personal aptitudes. We provide a personalized roadmap tailored to the specific technological stack required for each project.

At Sectorea, we ensure the presentation of technically validated profiles within a maximum of 5 business days and guarantee complete confidentiality throughout the process. Our technical selection service gives you access to a wide network of highly qualified candidates, allowing you to save time and resources in the selection process for your technical team.


IT Recruitment SERVICES

Our IT recruitment service stands out for the high level of talent we offer. We comprehensively manage the entire process of recruitment, selection, and hiring of specialized IT personnel. We work closely with business and technology leaders who develop their own software and services.

We provide teams for the development of customized applications and services. At Sectorea, we efficiently solve your product development needs, providing the required scalability and expertise in all technological stacks.

Adapting to technological changes often involves high costs. Outsourcing IT teams facilitates the necessary adjustments for the smooth operation of your project, allowing experts to handle secondary areas, thus improving results and productivity.

Our services also helps to address unexpected opportunities and challenges by having qualified personnel, ensuring the success of your investment. Our experience is an advantage as we have a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to your project, eliminating the need for you to worry about managing and hiring additional staff, allowing you to tackle unexpected opportunities and challenges.

Our service is the best solution for companies that need to reduce costs, gain flexibility, and improve project efficiency. At Sectorea, we offer a high-quality service tailored to the specific needs of each client, backed by a team of experts in the field.

IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing service

Sectorea's Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a comprehensive service for your IT recruitment processes. Sectorea covers all your recruitment needs, from team planning and selection of required skills to talent assessment and onboarding.

We assign a team of specialized recruitment and selection consultants who work exclusively on your project. This is a stable team that can grow according to your needs, ensuring the success of the project.

We use AI systems and Talent Mapping to assess your current needs and make recommendations for skills required in the near future, ensuring the success of your project.

We certify IT talent through quality coding projects and validation of personal skills that ensure a good fit for your team, meeting your needs and exceeding expectations.

By outsourcing your IT recruitment processes to Sectorea, we improve the efficiency of the hiring process, providing access to a wide network of highly qualified candidates. This significantly saves you time and resources in the selection process for your technical team.

At Sectorea, we adapt to the changing needs of your project in terms of experience and required technological stack. We offer scalability and flexibility for your hiring, according to the versatility required for your organization.

We provide IT teams for the development of customized applications with different technologies

Backend experts

Spring | ASP.NET | Django | Laravel | Symfony | Ruby on Rails | Go Jenkins | JUnit | Mockito

Frontend Experts

JavaScript | React | Angular | Vue | CSS | HTML | SASS | Jest | Mocha | Cypress | Jasmine


Java | Springboot | Angular | React | NodeJS | ExpressJS | Jhipters | EmberJS

Big Data

Cassandra | Spark | Hadoop | Cloudera | Datawarehouse | Data Scientist | Apache Hadoop | Elasticsearch | Apache Storm | MongoDB | Apache Spark | Python | Apache Cassandra | Lenguaje R

Data Scientist

Python | NumPy | Pandas | Matplotlib | Scikit-learn | TensorFlow | R | Jupyter Notebooks | PySpark | Tableau | MATLAB

Mobility / app

IOS | Android | Flutter | React Native | Kottlin | Swift | Ioninc | Dart | Xamarin, | VUE js

Business intelligence


Machine Learning

IBM Cognos Analytics | Information Builders | Microsoft SSRS | MicroStrategy | Oracle Analytics Server | SAP Business Objects BI | SAS Platform | Dundas


Python | Ansible | Chef | Puppet


Python | C | C++ | HTML | SQL | PHP y RUBY


Windows | Linux | Unix | VMware vSphere | Microsoft Hyper-V | Docker | Kubernetes | Almacenamiento y Backup | Nagios | Zabbix | Splunk | Ansible | Puppet | Chef | Jenkins


Cisco Networking | Juniper Networks | Palo Alto Networks | Protocolos de Red | TCP/IP | VLAN | Firewalls | IDS/IPS | SIEM | VPN


Ethereum | Hyperledger Fabric | Bitcoin Core | Ripple | Corda | Solidity | Truffle | Geth | Quorum | Stellar

Marketing Digital

SEO | SEM | UX/UI Designer | Content Manager | Growth Marketing | eCommerce Specialist

Video game industry

Game Designer | Artist | Animator | Concept Artist | Character Artist | VFX Artist | Writer/Narrative Designer


Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Microsoft Azure | Google Cloud Platform (GCP) | Kubernetes | Docker | VMware | OpenStack | IBM Cloud | Oracle Cloud | Amazon VPC | Azure Virtual Network | F5 Networks | HAProxy

IT Leaders

IT Talent | CEO | CTO | CISO | CIO | CMO

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