Headhunting Services

Technology Experts

At Sectorea, we are technology, our headhunters are tecnicians and our recruitment processes are extremely cared for and personalized for our customers. We know what person they need and what technologies the candidates must be fluent in to add value to the projects.

The people selected for our clients meet at least a 90% of the requested requirements and we assure the success on our client’s hiring. We make sure that the position, the company and the person fit seamlessly.

We know all technologies, we can speak with absolute clarity to technical and business directors. May you wish us to help you finding them, contact us. We can guarantee that we are the fastest, discreet and accurate.

Digital Capability Experts

Would you like to expand your Online Marketing department? Do you need a Community Manager to help you manage your brand in Social Media? Would you like to hire a Content Marketing specialist who offers value contents to your users? May you need a SEO and SEM positioning expert to optimise your website, an UI Designer or an UX expert, a Product Designer or a Digital Marketing Director? We can help you finding any professional focused on gaining more customers therough the digital channels.

Executive Profiles (Senior Management)

At SECTOREA Executive Search you will find the experience of a team requiered to conduct an evaluation and recruitment process with the highest quality standards which will enable the access to the highest executives. For high executives, competition is ruthless.

Sectorea Executive Search is where we develop our biggest potential and experience which is needed to find, attract and recruit the executive our clients need: decisive, with power of decision and leadership and who leaves a mark.

This is the reason why each time, more companies trust us. Our global information and contacts system in all sectors and industries allow us to know the most expert senior executives anywhere in the world.

Each recruitment process is aligned with the specific needs of each of our clients. Each process is a rigorous and unique experience adjusted to each client. Sectorea concentrates its efforts on our clients as well as on the candidates, facilitating the recruitment process and creating a satisfactory experience for both. Our global data base enable us to enjoy our exclusive services, regardless of the country where our client is. Our team has the latest means, technologies, training, skills and capabilities to carry out their process in each location globally.

Professional Ethics At Sectorea, we strive each day to meet the highest ethic and quality standards at all levels within our company. We are collaborators at Pacto Mundial. We strongly believe that this continuous effort has a positive impact on our clients and candidates, providing a quality service and unique experience.

RPO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We participate as strategic partners providing an integral service that includes the complete recruitment process design and management. We make available to our clients our team of consultants specialised in recruitment and IT profiles in order to provide a unique service.

Services suitable for those companies where the HR department is not as big as to efficiently undertake some different recruitment processes for new profiles or to manage big workload peaks, improving the productivity of the department.

It is a service for those companies wanting to increase their flexibility and capacity of reaction, as well as reduce their costs, outsourcing their recruitment department. RPO allows to reduce up to a 30% of the recruitment costs and at the same time, to reduce the timescale up to a 40%, with the competitive advantage of improving the efficiency and capacity of reaction.

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Sectorea gets the best talent at all emerging technologies

Traditional web technologies
Cloud-based services
Mobile internet technologies
Big data archictecture (e.g., data lakes)
Artificial inteligence tools
Design thinking
Robotics (e.g., robotic process automation)
Advanced neural machine-learning techniques
Digital Services


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